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Yizhi Zhang

Please announce registration for SIAMUndergraduate Poster Session at Annual Meeting (flier attached)

Dear SIAM Student Chapter Members,
Spread the word to your undergraduates: the upcoming SIAM Annual
Conference (July 12 - 16 in Pittsburgh) abounds with opportunities for
First and foremost, students are invited to showcase their research in
a poster session to be held from 8 - 10 p.m. on July 13 (attached is a
flier you can use to let students know about this event). If you
advise undergraduate research students in any area of
applied/computational mathematics, please encourage them to apply!
They will have the opportunity to share their results with other
students and with the broader applied mathematics community, and to
compete for one of several best poster prizes. To participate in the
poster session, students must submit an abstract by May 1. Acceptances
will be emailed by May 5. Full information on eligibility, abstract
submission, and poster format may be found at
The student poster session is part of a subprogram of the conference
completely devoted to students! Information on other student day
events, including talks and job workshops, is at
Information on conference registration, travel, hotel rates for
students, and student travel awards is at
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope to see
you and your students in Pittsburgh this July.
Best wishes,
Chad & Andy & Rachel
Andrew Bernoff
Harvey Mudd College
ajb at hmc.edu
Rachel Levy
Harvey Mudd College
levy at hmc.edu
Chad Topaz
Macalester College
ctopaz at macalester.edu
p.s. Most SIAM posters are 4' x 6' and mounted with push pins on a
bulletin board type arrangement. Some people find it easier to have
multiple pieces that can be mounted within a 4' x 6' area on the
bulletin board. For general tips on effective poster presentations, we
highly recommend reading the web page at:
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