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Hi Everyone,

	For those of you thinking about an IPRO for the fall semester, below
and in the attached document is a description of a new pilot project heading
in the direction of so-called IPRO 2.0. The idea is to run the first IPRO
semester as a large (50 student) section (IPR 397) during which you learn
about various aspects of team projects before you then would become part of
a small team  project (IPR 497, I guess) in the follow-up semester. 

If you want to try this new format, study the attached information and
follow the instructions included in my email. You may have to act fast since
enrollment is limited to 2 sections of 50 students each.

If you prefer to do your IPROs under the existing format, you may have to
act fast as well since the number of "standard" IPROs seems to be
significantly reduced.

	Greg Fasshauer

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Dear Greg,

We are writing to inform you about an exciting new opportunity for Fall 2010
for your advisees who may be planning to take their first IPRO course. We
are offering students with Junior or Senior standing and have never taken an
IPRO before the opportunity to take a new pilot IPRO 397 course in fall. The
course will count as one of the IPRO general education requirements.

During the IPRO 397 experience, students will be able to form teams on their
own and decide on a project to do the following semester in IPRO 497.
Students will learn the skills needed to be successful at completing their
chosen project. Students will be given unprecedented access to resources and
instruction in areas such as:

- problem/opportunity identification
- rapid prototyping
- team dynamics
- business planning
- project management

Students who take the IPRO 397 class will be able to present their project
plan on IPRO day and get advice from multiple sources. Students will be able
to execute the reviewed project plan in the spring 2011 semester with their
chosen teammates as part of a regular IPRO 497 section.

The IPRO 397 course will be taught in a new facility located in IIT's Tech
Park called the 'Idea Shop.' The Idea Shop will have a machine shop with
rapid prototyping equipment, hand tools, materials and supplies. There will
be many resources available to students including state-of-the-art
computers, up-to-date software and smart boards. There will be flexible
space for students to explore concepts, do research and meet in groups.
Students, faculty and working professionals can interact in this
collaborative, energetic and creative environment designed specifically to
help students bring their ideas to life, as well as shape sponsor and
faculty problem statements into viable IPRO project possibilities.

We are very excited about this new initiative and ask you to encourage your
advisees to consider taking IPRO 397 in fall. As a prototype designed to
give us insight concerning how we can move toward 'IPRO 2.0,' we are
offering two sections of 50 students each, so seats are limited. Each IPRO
397 section is offered once a week on either Tuesday afternoons or Tuesday
evenings in a double session in order to provide more time for group
breakout, teamwork and guest speakers. Additional information on the course
is attached. A description is also posted at the IPRO web site
http://ipro.iit.edu/project-listings/future-projects for fall as IPRO 397-01
and -02, along with the regular IPRO project section offerings. Our plan is
to organize an energetic and talented group of faculty from different IIT
colleges as the core teaching team for IPRO 397.

Please feel free to contact Mike Gosz (gosz at iit.edu) or me
(jacobius at iit.edu) if you have any questions, or refer your advisees to us
as well.

Best Regards,

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