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Dear colleagues and students,

The IIT teaching evaluations are an important component of assessing  
how we are doing and where improvements need to be made.  They do  
affect our decisions on promotion, retention salary adjustments for  
full-time and adjunct faculty.  Please participate in the process so  
that we can have good data to work with.


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> Subject: Spring 2009 evaluation
> Currently, the participation rate for the Spring 2009 Evaluations is  
> 19%.  The evaluation period ends at 11:59 p.m. on May 10, 2009.
> Please encourage your instructors to make time in class for students  
> to complete the evaluation for their course.  In order to increase  
> the response rate, Provost Cramb has revised evaluation to include  
> only two questions, along with a section for comments:
> How would you rate this instructor?
> How would you rate this course?
> Thus, the completion time should be minimal.
> On behalf of Dr. Cramb, thank you for your cooperation in this effort.
> Noreen
> Please be advised that IIT students have received notification that  
> the Spring 2009 semester evaluation is open from May 1 to May 10.
> I would appreciate it if you would relay this message to all course  
> instructors in your academic unit.  Thank you.
> Noreen Kozak
> Office of the Provost
> 312-567-3215

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