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My $0.02 follows...

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 9:56 PM, Cory Knapp <thestonetable at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, everyone!
> Sorry about the lack of email today; I guess I'm still a little
> disorganized from spring break.
> Anyway, I have a few announcements. The first one is really important:
> *The ISMAA conference <ismaa.knox.edu> is happening next weekend (April
> 3rd and 4th) at Bradley University in Peoria. We will be leaving from
> IIT sometime Friday (more info soon!) and leaving the event Saturday
> afternoon. Also, we need teams of three for the competition, which we
> tend to enjoy and do well in. Right now, I think the following people
> are planning on competing: Max, Kevin, Chris, Laura, Me. I'm not 100%
> sure about anyone on that list (except me), so if you want to go, please
> send me an email, so we can organize things. Also include whether or not
> you want to compete. (Yes, you do!)

The ISMAA meeting is inexpensive, fun, and geared toward undergrads.
Definitely consider going to this one!

- The meeting begins on Friday at 12:50pm with a plenary talk on Sudoku.
- In the afternoon there are talks by students and faculty.
- At 4:45pm is a fun Math Contest - the only contest where you can
work in teams!
- At 6:15pm is a pizza party for students.
- Finally there is a plenary talk on "Knotty Tales: From Vortex Atoms
to DNA Tangles"
- Saturday morning there are more talks, and the conference concludes
with a plenary talk 12:05-1:05 on "Cohomology with Sticks and Stones
(intuitive topology!)

Money: Students can register for free if they participate in the
contest - otherwise it's $10.
Every student can apply for $50 to reimburse travel expenses.  If you
share hotel rooms and drive together, this usually covers most of the
expenses.  (If not, the applied math dept has been known to help out
when necessary.)

Math contest: Each team has size at most three, actually.  (A few
years ago an IIT team with two people got fourth place overall!)  If
you're interested, just go, and you can form teams on the way there.

So.... email Cory right now and tell him that you want to go!

> *Our next Math Club meeting will have Chris Mitillos and YoungJu Jo will
> each be giving short (20 minute) talks on original research they've been
> working on. The math department is helping organize this, so it will be
> our largest math club meeting yet, and will be in a different room... to
> be announced soon.

Strongly recommended.  (Among other things, this could be you some
day.  Come see what undergrad mathematics research is like.)

MengerFest, Dr.Fasshauer's talk, and of course the BBQ are all
essential as well.
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