[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] ISMAA and other Announcements

Cory Knapp thestonetable at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 21:56:55 CDT 2009

Hey, everyone!

Sorry about the lack of email today; I guess I'm still a little 
disorganized from spring break.
Anyway, I have a few announcements. The first one is really important:

*The ISMAA conference <ismaa.knox.edu> is happening next weekend (April 
3rd and 4th) at Bradley University in Peoria. We will be leaving from 
IIT sometime Friday (more info soon!) and leaving the event Saturday 
afternoon. Also, we need teams of three for the competition, which we 
tend to enjoy and do well in. Right now, I think the following people 
are planning on competing: Max, Kevin, Chris, Laura, Me. I'm not 100% 
sure about anyone on that list (except me), so if you want to go, please 
send me an email, so we can organize things. Also include whether or not 
you want to compete. (Yes, you do!)

*Our next Math Club meeting will have Chris Mitillos and YoungJu Jo will 
each be giving short (20 minute) talks on original research they've been 
working on. The math department is helping organize this, so it will be 
our largest math club meeting yet, and will be in a different room... to 
be announced soon.

*The week after that (April 8th), we have nothing yet planned for math 
club. If anyone would like to talk, send me an email. I will also be 
emailing professors this week (if any of you are on this list, you can 
respond *hint, hint*), so we will hopefully have someone speaking then.

*April 15th is the last Math Club meeting before registration opens. As 
such, Fasshauer will be giving his famous talk on what classes are 
planned for next semester. Math students shouldn't miss it.

*April 20th is Menger Fest! As always, it will begin with a talk by the 
main speaker specially for Math Club. So, we will be having our weekly 
meeting on Monday, rather than Wednesday that week.
Also, Menger Fest is awesome, and you should all be there. More 
information is on the applied math web page <www.iit.edu/csl/am> has 
more information.

*We also need to plan the BBQ.

*Finally, Pelsmajer brought up a few weeks ago that a recent PhD grad is 
trying to get a math club going at the school he's teaching at (I 
think?), and they would like to get together with us somehow... If you 
have any ideas on how we should accomplish this, feel free to email me.

That's it, I believe, see you all Wednesday!
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