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Dear AM colleagues & students,

Here is a conference on wavelets with an impressive list of speakers  
being held here in Chicago with no registration fee (but you do need  
to register).  If you are interested in wavelets or think that  
wavelets might be useful in your research, I would encourage you to  

Joe, would you please print and post the poster.  Thanks.

Best regards,

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> Subject: Wavelets Conference
> Dear Colleagues and Friends: I would appreciate it if you could pass  
> the attached flyer to your students, colleagues, or anyone who might  
> be interested in this conference on wavelets that will take place at  
> DePaul University, Chicago, May 15-17, 2009. The conference is  
> supported by NSF grant, so some partial financial support is  
> available to graduate students and junior faculty. Thank you for  
> your cooperation
> Ahmed I. Zayed
> Professor and Chair
> Department of Mathematical Sciences
> DePaul University
> SAC 524, Lincoln Park Campus
> Chicago, IL 60614
> Telephone # (773) 325-7808
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