[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] this Saturday

Michael Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Thu Dec 3 15:57:54 CST 2009

The Putnam Exam will be held on Saturday, E1 241.  It begins at 9am.
The morning session is 9-12, and then it continues 2-5pm.  (You're can
leave early, of course.)

For those of you not taking the Putnam, we're still in desperate need
of people to help high school students apply standard deviation to
their science projects.  It's 10:30am-Noon, E1 123.  Please email me
and let me know if you can help!

Michael J. Pelsmajer
Applied Mathematics, E1 Room 206
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL 60616

(312)567-5344 pelsmajer at iit.edu
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