[ugrads] Department Poster Competition

Hemanshu Kaul kaul at math.iit.edu
Thu Apr 2 12:43:01 CDT 2009

Dear Students,

This email is for those of you participating or considering to participate 
in the poster competition. If you haven't sent me an email confirming your 
participation, please do so right away.

Joe Millham in the department office will help you with the printing of 
the poster. The DEADLINE for submitting the ready-to-print poster to Joe 
is 4PM, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15TH. It always tricky to print such large files, 
so its important that Joe have atleast 2-3 days to do the printing for all 
of you. Also send him your telephone number (preferably cell) so that he 
can contact you if there is any trouble with the printing.

Do not wait for the last few days to ask for help. Start working on your 
poster now.

Either Powerpoint or Latex can be used to make the posters. You can talk 
to the students who participated in the poster competition last year about 
what software they used and how they used it. They might be willing to 
share their templates also. If you don't have anybody to contact, please 
ask me for contacts.

Here are some useful websites related to preparing posters (if any of you 
know of other useful sites please let me know) -

gives lots of good advice about making an effective poster, including some 
examples. Please stop by my office or the tea-room in 112, E1 to see 
posters from last year's competition.

gives lots of powerpoint templates that you can download and use to write your 
own poster.

give a description (including templates) for use with LaTex. This is only 
for experienced LaTex users.

best wishes,

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