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            Those of you potentially interested in the math teaching
certificate, please look at this
http://www.iit.edu/publications/iittoday/index.php#8497 for further info. 


Those of you interested in more information what a career in applied math
might look like (i.e., everyone), take a look at this:


I heard yesterday that the Fall schedule should be viewable online starting
April 8. Registration will begin on the 20th. I will be providing
information about the Fall schedule during the Math Club meeting on April


The department has a newly established BS/MS program. Info is provided here
http://www.iit.edu/csl/am/programs/undergrad/dual_degree.shtml. I'll also be
able to answer questions on April 15, or you can contact Prof. Li if you're


Those of you planning to consult with me for advising (again probably
everyone) please keep in mind that April 20 is Menger Day, so don't leave
things to the last minute.


            Greg Fasshauer




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