[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] No Math Club Meeting; I screwed up

Anne Marie Freudenthal afreude1 at iit.edu
Tue Oct 7 17:22:06 CDT 2008

Hey all, 

Sorry, I got confused when I sent that previous email.  There is NO
MEETING tomorrow; there is only the barbecue on Thursday (October 9th).

The barbecue is Thursday starting around 12:30 and happening generally
through lunchtime.  We need people to help set up and start the grill
around 11:45, people to grill during the barbecue (I'm sure we'll have
enough; we can just switch off), and people to help clean up and put
stuff away after.  The location is by the tennis courts (sort of between
them and MTCC).

If there are any questions about it, email me (afreude1 at iit.edu) or
Lucas (lpark2 at iit.edu).


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