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From: Jon Neumann [mailto:jneumann at epicsystems.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 3:13 PM
To: fasshauer at iit.edu
Subject: Employment opportunities at Epic for your students


Dear Professor Gregory Fasshauer, Ph.D.:

My name is Jon, and I work as a recruiter at Epic in Madison, Wisconsin.
Epic is a national leader in software development for healthcare systems,
and we support some of the largest and most respected organizations in the
country.  Each year we receive resumes of alumni from Illinois Inst. of
Tech, and we've been pleased with the caliber of your graduates.

As part of our recruitment efforts, I would like to advertise our positions
specifically to students in your department.  Would you be willing to help
me out by forwarding the following message to your alumni and current
students on my behalf?  We have both technical and non-technical positions
available (full-time), with the careers listed below being the most
applicable to your students' focus.  A full job listing can be found at
http://www.epicsystems.com/applicants-epic.php.   If you have any
suggestions on where I could post some of our ads, I would appreciate that,

I look forward to receiving more outstanding applications, and I thank you
for your time, assistance, and devotion to your students.



Jon Neumann 

Epic | Human Resources 

608-271-9000 | jneumann at epicsystems.com



My name is Jon, and I am a recruiter at Epic, a Madison, Wisconsin-based
software development company.  At Epic, our goal is to improve healthcare.
We create and implement a wide range of integrated software solutions to
many of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.  Our software
improves patient care, reduces costs, and saves lives. 

We're searching for the smartest people to join our dynamic and
entrepreneurial culture. You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with the
brightest minds in an industry that makes a difference, while enjoying great
benefits and a casual work environment (jeans, shorts, sandals, etcetera).
Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Epic is proud to be a privately-held software
company with nearly 30 years of success.

In Technical Services, you can combine your problem-solving skills and
technical interest with our comprehensive training to help support our
award-winning clients.  You'll become a technical expert in our
applications, work closely with knowledgeable users at our customer sites,
and have the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the software
field including analysis, training, quality assurance, troubleshooting, and

As a Software Developer, you'll be working on a small team and you'll
participate in all aspects of the development process, from meeting
customers and designing cutting-edge functionality through implementation,
quality assurance, and delivery.  To qualify, you must have a BS/BA or MS in
Computer Science, Math, or a related field, plus a track record of academic
excellence.  Because Epic sponsors visas for qualified applicants, this
position is open to international students.

We have a number of other technical and non-technical positions available,
and I encourage you to learn more about them at
http://www.epicsystems.com/applicants-epic.php.  You can also take a virtual
tour of our state-of-the-art campus and submit an online application.  If
you're looking for an internship, we do have a program in our software
development department, but no internships are currently available in any
other role.

Thank you for your interest in Epic, and I look forward to (hopefully)
reviewing your application.



Jon Neumann 

Epic | Human Resources 

608-271-9000 | jneumann at epicsystems.com


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