[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] This week: Contest, BBQ, more

Michael Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Sat May 3 19:42:22 CDT 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 12:50-1:40pm E1 103
     The (first-ever) IIT Math Contest!
Details: Any undergraduate student can participate.  None of the
problems require any advanced mathematics.  There should be something
for everyone.  The results will be announced at the...

Thursday, May 8, lunch-time, near the tennis courts
     Math BBQ!
More details to come.

Also, don't forget:

Friday, May 9, 4-7pm, The Bog
Farewell to Dean/Prof McMorris, w/food & drinks, etc.
(You must RSVP to attend: martinez at iit.edu or cronin at iit.edu .)
Also see: <http://math.iit.edu/pipermail/mathclub-members/2008-April/000207.html>

Friday-Saturday May 9-10
A mathematics conference in honor of Dean/Prof.McMorris
(RSVP: Email pelsmajer at iit.edu if you wish to attend part or all.)
More information: <http://www.math.iit.edu/Buck65.html>

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