[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] ISMAA Trip

Lucas Park lpark2 at iit.edu
Wed Mar 26 13:30:49 CDT 2008

As of right now, here is the tenative schedule.
0800-  Depart IIT
1100-1200- Estimated arrival at Eastern
1200- First Talks
1315-1415- Session Talks
1600-1730- Undergrad Math Contest

1630-1800- Undergrad Math Contest
1800-1900- Dinner
1900-UTC- Plenary Talk

0830-1300- Talks
1300-1330- Depart Eastern
1630- Arrive at IIT

We currently have two groups, those that want to travel to and return 
from Eastern on Friday, and those that are staying for the entire 

Friday Only       Friday and Saturday
Chris             John
Yun (Sp.)         Tony
Jeffrey           Keith
Laura             Anne
Kevin             Preston

There are a couple possible others, such as myself that might be able 
to attend. I will update this information later if needed.

Lucas Park
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