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Anthony Parrillo parrant at iit.edu
Wed Feb 6 15:48:13 CST 2008

This is from Dr. Pelsmajer's website: 

There are links to the NSF and AMS websites on this page.

Also, below is forwarded from Dr. Kaul:
Dear Students,

This email is for international students interested in REUs.

Here are some REUs that accept applications from students that are not 
U.S. citizens:

Duluth (http://www.d.umn.edu/~jgallian/): "On occasion, I accept
undergraduates who are not US citizens nor permanent residents but I
cannot provide a stipend. In these cases I may be able to provide
some support for travel and cost of living."

SMALL (http://www.williams.edu/Mathematics/small_CES.html) Funding is
available even for students who are not US citizens or permanent

): International students can be accepted but cannot receive financial 

Rutgers (http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/REU/): Foreign students enrolled at 
U.S. university are eligible under the DyDAn program for some topics.

The REU deadlines are soon.


Some of you already got this who are math majors, but those of you who 
are not math majors didn't get this already.


P.S. Next week I'm unsure about when we will be meeting, I have yet to 
hear back from Ben about a possible movie night (Thursday or Friday) 
most likely.
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