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Lucas H Park lpark2 at iit.edu
Mon Aug 18 10:19:21 CDT 2008

Hello Math Club and new Applied Mathematics Major's,

As school is about to start, I thought it would be important to get in
touch with everyone. This semester is already looking to be a fun and
interesting one.

I was planning on having the first Math Club meeting on August 27th, in
E1 103 between 12:50 and 1:50. This way we can discuss events that are
coming up this semester and start planning for everything we would like
to do.

I really enjoyed that math questions and contests last year, hopefully
we can do them again this year as well.

Remember tomorrow August 19th at 3:30pm, in E1 106, Lorena Barba, an
Aeronautics PhD of the University of Bristol's Mathematics department is
coming to speak. Come on out and listen.

As for all of the new students, stop on by the Math Club meetings (which
are generally every Wednesday), or ask myself or one of the other Math
Club members what it is about. I also plan on sending emails out via a
IIT - Math Club Facebook Group, multiple ways to get the information to
make sure no one is left out.

Best of luck with the coming year.

Lucas Park
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