[ugrads] [Mathclub-members] This Friday: Conference or Talk

Anthony Parrillo parrant at iit.edu
Wed Apr 2 16:02:53 CDT 2008

This coming Friday is the ISMAA conference in Charleston, IL (EIU).  
We need to get a few things organized (I should have probably brought 
this up at the meeting, but we got out right on time, and people were 
running out to class):

1. Funding has been approved
  -The math department approved all RELATED costs.  So save all 
receipts and the math department should be able to reimburse you 
within 2 or 3 weeks.  You should only have to pay for your own food 
(most likely at a fast food place).  

2. Rental car needed.
  -We need to be able to get there.  From what I can tell, nobody is 
driving their own car there, so we need to rent 2 cars.  1 needs to be 
driven by a person who will be returning Friday, and one needs to be 
driven by a person who will be returning Saturday.  This means that if 
you are driving a rental car, the rental is under your name.  IF YOU 
(pelsmajer at iit.edu) KNOW ASAP!  I don't want to rent cars when we 
don't have to.

3. Schedule updated.
  -I have attached the new schedule.  Since the first talk doesn't 
begin until 12:50, I think an appropriate time to leave would be 
9:30am.  Let's all meet in between the MTCC and the MSV dorms (there 
are a few parking spots there, this way we can get in and go).  
There's no reason to fight traffic or get up earlier.  Those returning 
will probably be able to return by 10:00pm (assuming you leave at 
7:00pm after the free pizza).  Those returning Saturday will probably 
be arriving about 4:00pm at IIT.

4. Prepare.
  -It would be nice to win something, wouldn't it?  Not to mention 
that it would represent IIT well.  You should have all of the 
handouts, if not you can print them out off of the ISMAA website.  You 
could also get them from Dr. Pelsmajer.

Also this Friday, for people not going to the conference this weekend, 
definitely consider this talk:


1. He's the president of the AMS!
2. He's a top researcher in applied mathematics.
3. He's planning to make his talk understandable to students.

This would be well worth attending if you are unable to go to the 
conference.  It isn't often we get the President of the AMS to give a 
talk here, and if nobody shows up, then it will probably be a long 
time before he returns!


Future Announcements:
1. Elections.
  -Elections will be held next week for leadership positions in Math 
Club.  The positions will be for the Fall 2008 - Spring 2009 
semesters.  All positions will be voted on.  This includes President, 
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Hopefully there will be 
enough transition time in the last month of school so that people will 
be able to "learn the ropes." (It's really not all that hard.)  If you 
have a nomination for yourself or somebody else, again, please contact 
myself (parrant at iit.edu) or Dr. Pelsmajer (pelsmajer at iit.edu).  
Nominations will also be taken at next week's meeting.

2. Next week.
  -On Wednesday, April 9 (our normal meeting time), we will be having 
a Undergraduate Math Course planning session.  Some seniors as well as 
Dr. Fasshauer will be giving advice and available for questions about 
what classes to take, when to take them, why you would want to take 
them, and how to sign up.  We will also be holding the elections next 

That's all for now, I'm sure there will be another email sent out 
before Friday's conference.

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