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Here's more info about the Diversity Peer Leader position...

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Subject: Additional Diversity Peer Leader Position Information


Below is more information on the position.  It includes what we're 
looking for in candidates and a job description.  I am also attaching 
a copy of the application in the event any of your students are in 

I would like to take the time to thank you all for your support.  It 
is truly appreciated!

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Teresa Moreno
OMSS Graduate Intern

General Qualifications/ Characteristics

.	Advocate for diversity with aspiration to work toward positive 
.	Understands and supports diversity in all areas.
.	Ability to plan and facilitate diversity programs.
.	Non-judgmental of diverse situations and populations.
.	Creative, energetic and works well as a team member.
.	Possesses time management and organizing skills.  
.	The ability to maintain confidentiality.
.	Great listening skills.
.	Holds at least a sophomore standing.
.	Good academic standing with a minimum 2.5 cumulative and 
semester GPA.
.	Full-time student status with no academic overload.

Diversity Peer Leader (DPL) Responsibilities:

Selected Diversity Peer Leaders are expected to fulfill the following 
job description. 

.	Plan events during the academic semester/year to help IIT 
students better    understand and appreciate the value of diversity.
.	Assistant in Diversity planned events by peers and by WSDE/ 
.	Be knowledgeable of all on campus and several off campus 
resources related to diversity education and awareness.
.	Participate in mandatory ambassador training sessions, weekly 
meetings and discussion groups.
.	Work with student organizations and departments to increase 
and facilitate diversity awareness.
.	Actively communicate with DPL team members via the online 
diversity forum, internet, e-mail and/ or phone.
.	Work with students on an interpersonal level to ensure no 
student is left out of activities and help students feel comfortable 
with discussions on diversity and multiculturalism.
.	Work with other DPLs and the administration to ensure 
professional programming. 
.	Evaluate the program so that constant improvements can be made.
.	Work to build the group's trust, acceptance, and good feelings.
.	Be enthusiastic while working on the program and supporting 
the program, team members and participants.
.	Adhere to the University's rules and regulations.

DPL Expectations:
.	To be creative, knowledgeable, and resourceful in event 
.	Attendance at ALL Diversity events during the semester.
.	To strive to engage students in discussions on topics 
concerning diversity and multiculturalism.
.	To be committed to learning about diversity and 
.	To work as a community not only with fellow team members, but 
also with the students of IIT.

*All DPLs will receive a budget of $150 to implement their programming 
in Spring 2008*
*DPLs will be compensated with a $350 Stipend*

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