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Please see the announcement below for a new initiative by the Office of
Multicultural Student Services.

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Subject: Diversity Peer Leader Position

Good afternoon,

My name is Teresa Moreno and I am the graduate assistant for the 
Office of Multi cultural Student Services.  In case you have not yet 
heard, OMSS is currently introducing a new program for the students of 
IIT. Diversity Peer Leadership is a program that allows the students 
to reach out to their peers to discuss topics of diversity. 

We at OMSS are very excited for this new opportunity for students and 
hope that you will help us in welcoming this new position by notifying 
your students about this new opening.  Currently, we are seeking more 
applicants for this position and welcome students to apply.  Each 
student picked will receive a $350.00 scholarship for their 

Applications for this opportunity are available at OMSS and through 
IIT Today. If you or any student interested has any questions, please 
feel free to e-mail me at teresa.moreno at iit.edu or diversity at iit.edu.

Thank you for your time and support of diversity,

Teresa Moreno
OMSS Graduate Assistant

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