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Dear students,

If you are interested in producing statistical software, you may  
think about this award.


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> Date: October 22, 2007 6:59:54 AM CDT
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> Subject: 2008 John M. Chambers Award
> ###################################################
> John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award - 2008
> Statistical Computing Section
> American Statistical Association
> The Statistical Computing Section of the American Statistical  
> Association announces the competition for the John M. Chambers  
> Statistical Software Award. In 1998 the Association for Computing  
> Machinery presented its Software System Award to John Chambers for  
> the design and development of S. Dr. Chambers generously donated  
> his award to the Statistical Computing Section to endow an annual  
> prize for statistical software written by an undergraduate or  
> graduate student.
> The prize carries with it a cash award of $1000, plus a substantial  
> allowance for travel to the annual Joint Statistical Meetings where  
> the award will be presented.
> Teams of up to 3 people can participate in the competition, with  
> the cash award being split among team members. The travel allowance  
> will be given to just one individual in the team, who will be  
> presented the award at JSM. To be eligible, the team must have  
> designed and implemented a piece of statistical software. The  
> individual within the team indicated to receive the travel  
> allowance must have begun the development while a student, and must  
> either currently be a student, or have completed all requirements  
> for her/his last degree after January 1, 2006. To apply for the  
> award, teams must provide the following materials:
> Current CV's of all team members.
> A letter from a faculty mentor at the academic institution of the  
> individual indicated to receive the travel award. The letter should  
> confirm that the individual had substantial participation in the  
> development of the software, certify her/his student status when  
> the software began to be developed (and either the current student  
> status or the date of degree completion), and briefly discuss the  
> importance of the software to statistical practice.
> A brief, one to two page description of the software, summarizing  
> what it does, how it does it, and why it is an important  
> contribution. If the team member competing for the travel allowance  
> has continued developing the software after finishing her/his  
> studies, the description should indicate what was developed when  
> the individual was a student and what has been added since.
> Access to the software by the award committee for their use on  
> inputs of their choosing. Access to the software can consist of an  
> executable file, Web-based access, macro code, or other appropriate  
> form. Access should be accompanied by enough information to allow  
> the judges to effectively use and evaluate the software (including  
> its design considerations.) This information can be provided in a  
> variety of ways, including but not limited to a user manual (paper  
> or electronic), a paper, a URL, online help to the system, and  
> source code. In particular, the entrant must be prepared to provide  
> complete source code for inspection by the committee if requested.
> All materials must be in English. We prefer that electronic text be  
> submitted in Postscript or PDF. The entries will be judged on a  
> variety of dimensions, including the importance and relevance for  
> statistical practice of the tasks performed by the software, ease  
> of use, clarity of description, elegance and availability for use  
> by the statistical community. Preference will be given to those  
> entries that are grounded in software design rather than  
> calculation. The decision of the award committee is final.
> All application materials must be received by 5:00pm EST, Monday,  
> February 25, 2008 at the address below. The winner will be  
> announced in May and the award will be given at the 2008 Joint  
> Statistical Meetings.
> Information on the competition can also be accessed on the website  
> of the Statistical Computing Section (www.statcomputing.org or see  
> the ASA website, www.amstat.org for a pointer), including the names  
> and contributions of previous winners. Inquiries and application  
> materials should be emailed or mailed to:
> Chambers Software Award
> c/o J.R. Lockwood
> The RAND Corporation
> 4570 Fifth Avenue, Suite 600
> Pittsburgh, PA 15213
> lockwood at rand.org
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