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Some of you might be interested in this (our former student Chad Johnson
participated in this program a few years ago):


From: "Stacey Beggs" <sbeggs at ipam.ucla.edu>

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 15:11:35 -0800

Subject: "Research in Industrial Projects for Students" (RIPS) at IPAM-UCLA


Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS), sponsored by the
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at UCLA, is a unique
summer program for undergraduate students.  RIPS provides an opportunity for
exceptional students in math and related disciplines to work in teams on
real-world research projects proposed by a sponsor from industry or a
national lab. Sponsors have included Pixar, Microsoft, Symantec, Los Alamos,
Lawrence Livermore, and JPL. The RIPS web site at
http://www.ipam.ucla.edu/programs/rips2008/ gives the full details including
a link to the online application. The deadline for applications is February
15.  Please refer your students to the site and encourage them to apply.
(Note: graduating seniors and international students are eligible!) To
request copies of posters and for more information on RIPS, please email
rips2008 at ipam.ucla.edu or call 310-825-4755.





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