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Fred J. Hickernell hickernell at iit.edu
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If any of you students have been using SAS or JMP, you might be  
interested in this.  Fred

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> Subject: Apply to be a SAS Student Ambassador!
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> Mark your calendar!
> Are you ready to become a
> SAS Student Ambassador?			
> The SAS Student Ambassador Program is a competition designed to  
> recognize and support student researchers who use SAS technologies  
> to benefit their fields of study.
> Selected students are named SAS Student Ambassadors and will earn  
> the opportunity to present their research to a global community of  
> SAS users at SAS® Global Forum, which will be held March 16-19,  
> 2008, in San Antonio. SAS will pay travel expenses and registration  
> fees for Student Ambassadors who attend and present their research.
> Call for applications
> Don’t miss your chance to share your research with a global  
> audience and make some fantastic professional contacts with  
> researchers, business leaders, SAS experts and specialists from  
> every industry and sector!
> SAS will issue a call for papers via e-mail this summer, and the  
> Student Ambassador application will be available at that time. The  
> deadline for submitting applications and all required materials –  
> including an abstract and a working draft of the paper – will be in  
> late August or early September.
> Who is eligible to apply?
> Graduate and undergraduate students from around the world are  
> eligible to apply to this program. Recent graduates may also be  
> eligible to apply. The submitted research project must have been  
> conducted by a student within 12 months of the submission deadline.
> For more information
> For additional information about this competition and other SAS  
> student programs, please visit us online or send an e-mail  
> tostudentprograms at sas.com.
> For the latest news from the SAS Academic Program, subscribe to our  
> e-newsletter.
> Click here to read about
> our 2007 SAS Student Ambassadors
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