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Subject: 2007 Student internship opportunities at GlaxoSmithKline


2007 Student internship opportunities at GlaxoSmithKline


The Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling group at GlaxoSmithKline
seeks talented advanced undergraduate and graduate students in applied
mathematics and computer science for summer internship positions. 


Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling (SCMM) applies mathematical
and computational techniques to a variety of challenging problems in
pharmaceutical research.  We are the premier mathematical modeling group in
the pharmaceutical industry.  Our group works on mathematical models related
to the biology of disease states and drug interventions, the chemistry and
physics of drug formulations and delivery devices, and the structure of
large biochemical pathways in cells. In addition, we develop sophisticated
computational tools that are used to build and calibrate mathematical
models, incorporate large quantities of experimental data, and visualize the
results of model-generated computational experiments.


For Summer 2007 we are seeking for graduate students and highly advanced
undergraduates for three internship positions. The projects are listed below
together with the required skills for each position:


Lipoprotein metabolism:  Mathematical biology, scientific computing,
mathematical modeling Model calibration and optimization:  Numerical
analysis, optimization, Matlab programming Scientific computing:


We seek mature, motivated self-starters who can successfully integrate
sophisticated mathematics and computer software with real-world biological
problems. The internship positions may be located at our facilities in the
Philadelphia area or in Research Triangle Park, NC. 


Applicants can apply through our website: 

http://www.gsk-us.com/careers/us-university/university_us.htm, Job Code
Requisition Number: 40757. Developing talent through equality of
opportunity, M/F/D/V.


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            Greg Fasshauer 




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