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More career fair info.




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Subject: Please Alert Your Students - IIT Career Fair



I am an IIT alum ('04).  I minored in Math and took many of your classes :-)
I have been working for National Opinion Research Center with the University
of Chicago since June 2003.  I was hoping you could let your students know
that my company will be at the Career Fair tomorrow (HUB Ballroom Noon to
5:00 p.m.).  This is our first time attending and we are looking to hire
statisticians, methodologists, researchers, and IT staff.  Please encourage
undergraduate and grad students looking for full time jobs.  We also have a
summer internship program for interested undergraduate students.   I will be
at our booth along with a representative from our HR department.  I know
when I was a student the Career Fair participants were mostly engineering
companies, so I just wanted to make sure students in the Math Department
planned on attending. 

I welcome you to visit our website www.norc.org <http://www.norc.org/>  to
find out more about our organization.  Students can also search job openings
through the website.  Please feel free to contact me or to pass my
information on to interested students.

Thank you,

Neva Grey


Grey-Neva at norc.org

55 E. Monroe St.

Suite 1840

Chicago, IL 60603

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