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Dear students,

If you are interested in computation, here is a good opportunity.


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> Subject: [computational.science] Graduate student assistantships in  
> Computational Science at Florida State University
> Florida State University
> Graduate student assistantships available for
> Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs in Computational Science
> The School of Computational Science (SCS) at Florida State  
> University offers innovative M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in  
> Computational Science.
> Over the last few decades, computations have joined theory and  
> experimentation to form the three pillars of scientific discovery  
> and technological design. Computational Science can be viewed as  
> residing at the intersection of mathematics, computer science,  
> statistics, engineering, and the sciences. Examples of problems in  
> Computational Science that are common to these disciplines include  
> algorithm development and analysis, multiscale techniques,  
> scientific visualization, data mining, etc. Due to the  
> interdisciplinary nature of Computational Science, it is essential  
> that a computational scientist be trained in an interdisciplinary  
> setting. The SCS is uniquely positioned to offer such training  
> because it has a truly multidisciplinary faculty consisting of   
> chemists, biologists, computer scientists, engineers,  
> geophysicists, mathematicians, physicists, and statisticians, with  
> an even broader spectrum of disciplines to be represented in the  
> future.
> Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Computational Science can  
> choose several areas of specialization. In addition to the major  
> track, which trains students interested in the mathematical and  
> computer science aspects of computational algorithms that can be  
> applied to a wide range of disciplines, we offer tracks in  
> atmospheric science, biochemistry, biological science, geological  
> science, materials science, and physics. Soon, we hope to add a  
> track in Validation and Verification. Students following these  
> tracks gain expertise in computational issues specifically related  
> to the chosen field. All students, however, will be involved in  
> truly interdisciplinary training and research.
> The SCS maintains a large and diverse computing infrastructure in  
> support of research and education. Computing resources at the SCS  
> include supercomputers, a number of clusters and computational  
> servers, a laboratory for scientific visualization, a  
> bioinformatics server, and more. The SCS Visualization Laboratory  
> provides high-powered visualization resources to the FSU community  
> for research, data analysis of large data collections, and education.
> Florida State University is a national graduate research university  
> which has built a reputation as a strong center for research in the  
> sciences. It is located in Tallahassee, FL which is situated in the  
> Florida panhandle and is near some of the most beautiful, uncrowded  
> beaches in the United States as well as other scenic wonders.
> Applications are being accepted now for Fall 2007. The SCS has a  
> number of assistantships available for qualified individuals.  
> Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants  
> should hold a baccalaureate degree in computer science,  
> mathematics, statistics, engineering, or a natural science. The  
> interested applicant should submit an on-line application to the SCS
>    http://www.scs.fsu.edu/application.php
> an application to the Florida State University
>    https://admissions.fsu.edu/gradapp
> plus supporting materials which include GRE general test scores,  
> official transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.
> For more information, please go to the SCS web site
>     www.scs.fsu.edu
> or send a message to
>     education at scs.fsu.edu
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