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> Liaison Newsletter
> April 2007
> Access this newsletter online.
> Call for Proposals: Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conferences  
> (RUMC)
> The primary objective of RUMC grants is to provide as many  
> undergraduate students as possible with the opportunity to  present  
> mathematically-oriented talks and to better expand their knowledge  
> of the wide range of theory, history, and applications of the  
> mathematics sciences at conferences that are within their  
> geographic region. Conferences may assume any format that  
> accomplishes the object of the grant, but deviations from  
> successful formats should be fully explained.
> RUMC grants are intended to cover a portion of the typical expenses  
> involved with hosting the conference. It is anticipated that most  
> awards will be between $1,000 and $4,000, but smaller and larger  
> requests will be considered where appropriate. Preference for Fall  
> 2007 conferences will be given to proposals for grants that are  
> submitted by May 15. Proposals for Spring 2008 may be submitted at  
> this time as well, but will also be considered with proposals  
> submitted by October 15. For additional information and application  
> instructions, visit www.maa.org/rumc.
> MathFest 2007: Submit Your Abstract Now
> MathFest 2007 will be held in San Jose, CA, August 3-5. We are  
> excited about the program, and hope you'll plan to join us there.  
> This year, the Society for Mathematical Biology and the Euler  
> Society will meet with us. Special lectures are scheduled around  
> these themes.
> The April issue of FOCUS has a detailed look at this year's  
> program. Registration and abstract submission is currently open at  
> www.maa.org/mathfest. Deadline for abstract submission is May 22  
> for all contributed papers sessions. For student paper sessions,  
> the deadline is June 15. Note that travel grants for students are  
> also available, and can be requested with abstract submission.
> MAA Online Has New Look
> Check out the new look of MAA Online. Look for frequently updated  
> news reports, highlights, and bulletins, including a daily "Math in  
> the News" column hosted by theMath Gateway, a portal to  
> undergraduate mathematics resources in the National Science Digital  
> Library.
> Current featured items include the problems and solutions to the  
> 2007 USAMO, and a 13x13 Sudoku puzzle created by Laura Taalman  
> especially for the grand opening of the Carriage House Conference  
> Center.
> Register for 2007 PREP Workshops
> The MAA PRofessional Enhancement Program (PREP) provides a range of  
> activities to support growth for mathematicians at all stages of  
> their careers. Whether you are seeking new ideas for research and  
> teaching, development of leadership skills or simply looking for a  
> chance to interact with colleagues on one of the annual MAA  
> Mathematical Study Tours, PREP has a program for you.
> For details on all of this years' workshops and to register, visit  
> www.maa.org/prep/2007.
> Webinar on MAA/Maplesoft Placement Test Suite
> Placement testing has become a critical issue on campuses  
> throughout North America. Join our expert panel this Wednesday, May  
> 2nd, from 2:00-3:00pm EDT as they answer your questions and provide  
> advice on how you can use the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite.
> The Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite helps institutions like  
> yours place their students in the right courses quickly, easily and  
> at a fraction of the cost normally associated with traditional  
> placement methods. It's an online solution that gives you easy  
> administration, instant results, and flexible scheduling for your  
> incoming students. Key discussions will include:
> •    Seton Hall's successes with the Placement Test Suite. The  
> Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite enables them to run their  
> placement tests during the summer, thereby greatly reducing the  
> number of resources needed during the back-to-school rush. (Invited  
> guest: Wendiann Sethi, Dir. of Developmental Math, Seton Hall  
> University)
> •    The increased power and relevance of the MAA's time-trusted  
> placement test, its recently modernized format and content that are  
> fully presented in the Maplesoft-MAA Placement Test Suite. (Invited  
> guest: John Kenelly, Treasurer, Mathematical Assoc. of America)
> The invited guests will be joined by Louise Krmpotic, Placement  
> Test Suite Product Manager at Maplesoft. Register now.
> Women Count: A Conference for Directors of Mathematics Outreach  
> Programs for Young Women
> Applications are invited for participation in the fourth Women  
> Count Conference. This year's conference will be held in San Jose,  
> California, on August 2, 2007, preceding the Mathfest. Organized by  
> the Women and Mathematics Network under the auspices of the MAA  
> Committee on the Participation of Women, the purpose of this  
> conference will be to share information about current successful  
> outreach programs for young women and to encourage the  
> establishment of new program.
> Partial travel support (approximately $350) will be provided for  
> participants. Additional details regarding the conference as well  
> as application instructions are available online at www.maa.org/wam/ 
> conference.html. Applications will be reviewed after May 21, 2007.  
> Support is provided by the Association for Women in Mathematics,  
> National Security Agency, and the Tensor Foundation.
> New Books from the MAA
> Hesiod's Anvil: Falling and Spinning through Heaven and Earth is  
> about models of motion as enunciated by poets, philosophers, story- 
> tellers and early scientists, beginning with Hesiod, a contemporary  
> of Homer..  The purpose of the book is to use popular literature  
> and philosophy to bring the mechanics of motion alive.  Hesiod's  
> Anvil is aimed at students who have finished a year-long course in  
> calculus, and can be used as a text supplement for Calculus II,  
> Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, or for  
> modeling courses.  It will appeal to professional mathematician as  
> well who will encounter interesting material about motion and the  
> people who thought about it.
> The MAA is proud to co-publish Calculus: A Genetic Approach with  
> the University of Chicago Press. When first published in 1963, this  
> book presented a radically different approach to teaching  
> calculus.  In sharp contrast to the methods of his time, Otto  
> Topelitz did not teach calculus as a static system of techniques  
> and facts to be memorized.  Instead, he drew on his knowledge of  
> the history of mathematics and presented calculus as an organic  
> evolution of ideas beginning with the discoveries of Greek scholars  
> such as Archimedes, Pythagoras and Euclid.  This classic text  
> belongs on every mathematician's bookshelf.
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