[ugrads] Math Club: meeting, officers, plans

Michael J. Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Fri Sep 1 15:45:45 CDT 2006


First, thanks again to Mike McCourt (& Vadim & Tony &... someone else, I
forget) for doing the BBQ.   

There will be a math club meeting Wednesday at 12:50, where we will
select officers, and hear plans & suggestions for the coming year.  And
eat pizza.  And possibly fried chicken.

Think about whether you might like to be an officer!

We especially need one person that will go to the occasional SGA Finance
Board meeting (held Thursday evenings, starting Sept 7), file the
appropriate forms and whatever, and get money for math club activities.
 To do this, you are required to attend a training session this Tuesday
evening (Sept 5), or maybe next Tuesday (Sept 12, tentatively).  Or
August 29, apparently.  (See http://fb.iit.edu/letter.htm)

Aside from that job (the "treasurer"?), it would be nice to have some
person handle email and a webpage ("secretary"?), as well as a
president.  If you have other ideas, fine.  If multiple people run for a
position, we can vote - or if they want to take care of different
things, we can create a position.  

Plans for this year include:

Weekly Math Tea (3:15-3:45 Thursdays, for students and faculty)
Math competitions & practice (we'll start this up again soon)
Meetings (to eat pizza, and)
Seminars, joint with the applied math dept (these talks will be
accessible to undergrads)
More possiblities: games night, go to conferences, whatever you want to

See you Wednesday.

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