[ugrads] update about April 7-8 meeting

Michael J. Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Thu Mar 23 17:32:26 CST 2006

Hi - last email of this type.

Although the meeting starts earlier, we'll leave at 3:15pm from IIT on
April 7, in order to allow more people to come, if they have class
Friday.  We'll arrive in time for the math contest, and then stay for
the pizza party and the talk by Colin Adams's cousin-in-law (not to be
missed).  You can also return Saturday morning for the rest of the
conference - there will be two excellent talks for undergrads.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but you must register yourself, by
tomorrow, here: http://ismaa.knox.edu/registration-2006/index.php . 
Also, email me if you haven't already.  

For more information:
Main webpage http://ismaa.knox.edu/ismaa06.htm
Featured talks http://ismaa.knox.edu/ismaa06.htm#PLEN
Preliminary schedule http://ismaa.knox.edu/ismaa06.htm#SCHED
Or just email me with any questions.

Michael Pelsmajer

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