[ugrads] Are you planning on going, April 7 & 8?

Michael J. Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Mon Mar 20 15:52:06 CST 2006

Hi.  Sorry if you get multiple copies of this.

It is time to register for the ISMAA 2006 meeting!

It is April 7 & 8 in Naperville, which is about an hour away.  The math
club will organize transportation each day.

Reasons to go:
  Nicest math competition of the year (work in groups of 3)
  4 excellent plenary speakers
  Pizza party
  Free registration for any student who participates in the math
competition or gives a talk.
  It's in Naperville, instead of 4 hours away like it was last year.

Main webpage  http://ismaa.knox.edu/ismaa06.htm .  See "plenary
schedule" and "preliminary schedule".

If you're interested in going, register
(http://ismaa.knox.edu/ismaa06.htm) and also email me.  The sooner the
better!  If you have any questions, email me.  

Michael Pelsmajer
pelsmajer at iit.edu

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