[ugrads] upcoming math contest, & noon tomorrow

Michael J. Pelsmajer pelsmajer at iit.edu
Tue Nov 15 12:42:45 CST 2005

  Tomorrow at noon, in E1 Room 121, the math contest
people will meet and work on problems in preparation
for the upcoming Putnam Exam.  This meeting will
feature the return of pizza.

I need to confirm which people plan to take the
Putnam Exam.  Please write me back and tell me if
you're still interested, and how likely it is that
you will actually take the exam (held Saturday, Dec
3, at IIT).

The problem is that I have 16 slots and 21 people
that showed interest at some point or another.   
Now, if it goes anything like last year, only about
10 people will show up and so there will be plenty
of exams available...but unfortunately I need to
know _which_ people will show up by, say, this
Friday.  Please write me as soon as possible.

  Here are the people I know that previously claimed
some interest: James Pierce, Keith Campbell, Emad
Allem, Sunil, Michael Lenzen, Vladimir Andrijevik,
Jon Beagley, Anthony Vu, Tony Parillo, Vinit Prabhu,
Dominic Walters, Suyao Huang, Yin Zhao, Aurimas
Vinckevicius, Chi Hang Tam, Monmayuri Ray, Xuan
Kang, Khanh V Duong, Matt Cosenza, Christos
Mitillos, Dmitry Ratnikov.

Michael Pelsmajer

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