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I am hosting a speaker whose work might be of interest to some in math,
physics, or biology at IIT:  Lisa Fauci from the Center for Computational
Science at Tulane University
(http://tulane.edu/sse/math/faculty/lisa-fauci.cfm).  She is giving a talk
at the CAMP Seminar in the math department on multiscale models of
undulatory locomotion in fluids.

Title:  Calcium-driven dynamics of undulatory swimmers: a tale of two
Reynolds numbers.
Where:  Eckhart Hall, 202
When:  Wed.,  May 23 at 4:00pm

Abstract:  Locomotion due to body undulations is observed across the entire
spectrum of swimming organisms, from microorganisms to fish.  The internal
force generating mechanisms range from the action of dynein molecular motors
within a mammalian sperm to muscle activation in lamprey. 
We will present recent progress
in building multiscale computational models that couple biochemistry,
passive elastic properties and active force generation with a surrounding
fluid for these two swimmers.

If you could forward this to anyone you feel may be interested, I would
greatly appreciate it.  Also, if anyone is interested in meeting with Lisa,
they should feel free to contact me.


Eva Strawbridge
Department of Mathematics
University of Chicago
email:  emstrawb at math.uchicago.edu
phone:  773.702.8035

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