[Sem-coll] AM Colloquium April 30 [Matkowsky]

George Skontos skougeo at iit.edu
Thu Apr 26 20:10:21 CDT 2007

Please join us for the AM colloquium on April 30th featuring Bernard J.
Matkowsky (Northwestern University). As always refreshments will be
served 10-15 minutes prior to the talk.

Monday, April 30, Room: E1 106, Time: 4:40pm

Speaker: Bernard J. Matkowsky (Northwestern University)
Title: Dynamics of Hot Spots in Solid Flame Waves

We consider the gasless solid fuel combustion model of the
Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis process in which combustion
waves are employed to synthesize desired materials. Specifically, we
consider the combustion of a solid sample in which combustion occurs on
the surface of a cylinder of radius R. We consider solution behavior as
R is increased. If R is sufficiently small, planar pulsating waves are
observed. As R is increased transitions to more complex, nonplanar waves
occur. The study of different wave types is important since the mode of
propagation determines the structure of the product. We describe a
variety of different waves, including (i) spin waves, (ii)
counterpropagating (CP) waves of various types, (iii) alternating spin
CP waves (ASCP), (iv) modulated spin waves, (v) bound states of
asymmetric spin waves, (vi) modulated asymmetric spin waves, (vii)
asymmetric ASCP waves, and others.

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