[Sem-coll] Wednesday April 18 seminar title/abstract (Jozef Skokan)

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Mon Apr 16 15:12:02 CDT 2007

Please join us for the following Applied Mathematics Seminar, whose 
abstract is now available:

AM colloquium Wednesday, April 18 4:40pm E1 242
Speaker: Jozef Skokan (London School of Economics)
Title: Numbers in Ramsey Theory

Abstract:  Ramsey Theory reasures us that the complete disorder is 
impossible. In graph theory setting this means that for a given a graph 
$G$ and an integer $k>1$, in any coloring of the edges of the complete 
graph $K_N$ by $k$ colors, there exists a monochromatic copy of $G$ 
provided $N$ is large. The smallest integer $N$ with this property is 
called the Ramsey number $r_k(G)$.

In the first half of my talk, we will briefly survey the most interesting 
results when $k=2$. In the second half, we look at the case when $k>2$. 
Here we do not know much even if $G$ is a very simple graph, e.g., a 

As a reminder, today's talk is:
Monday, Apr 16
4:40pm 	E1 106 	Jeremy Staum (Northwestern University)
Title: Two-Level Simulations for Risk Measurement

(for more info see seminar page: 

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