[Meshfree-methods-seminar] Time and Place

Qi Ye qye3 at iit.edu
Sat Sep 13 15:45:19 CDT 2008

Dear All,

Prof. Hickernell will continue his talk of last time in our Meshfree 
Method Seminar at 10:00 AM on Sep. 16th Tuesday. The location is still 
at AM 222.

Furthermore, Prof. Igor will give us a talk on Sep. 23th. Next, Jun 
Zhang will talk on Sep. 30th and his topic is "Laplacian Eigenmaps: a 
theoretical manifold learning appraoch" and the abstract is as below.

In recent years manifold  methods have become popular in machine 
learning and have seen numerous applications in data analysis including 
dimension reduction, visualization, clustering and classification. The 
unifying assumption of these methods is that the data resides on or 
near a low dimentional manifold. In the talk, I will introduce 
Laplacian Eigenmaps, an approach based on the Laplace-Beltrami operator 
on the underlying manifold, and explain its connections with the 
prevailing manifold algorithms including Diffusion Maps, Isomap, 
Hessian Eigenmaps and Locally Linear Embedding. Last, the applications 
to image processing and  statistical genetics for inferrence of 
population structure will be presented.

Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday.


Qi Ye
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology 
Chicago, IL 60616

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