[Mathclub-members] Math Club Plans

Anita E. Thomas athomas5 at iit.edu
Wed Sep 16 14:23:38 CDT 2009

Next Wednesday our very own Hannah will be presenting a lecture on graph
reconstruction.   PIZZA WILL BE SERVED for this special event.  

When?  Wednesday, September 23, 12:50 - 1:40
Where? Engineering 1 Rm: 103
In case you were wondering…

Math club plans for this year:

*Early October (on a Friday) BBQ
*math jobs/grad school talk (probably from the CMC and/or grad students)
*Game Theory lecture
*Bake sale fundraiser
*Putnam Mathematical Competition and many other math competitions (details can
be found on the Google group calendar or by emailing Hannah at hkolb at iit.edu)
*Reminder:  Problem of the week every Friday at 5 can be accessed at
*Math club meets every Wednesday in E1 Rm 103 at 12:50 unless an email informs
you otherwise

Please check your email regularly for math club updates on the tentative events
listed above.  Also if you have any ideas for math club this year please feel
free to contact me at athomas5 at iit.edu or Hannah or drop by a meeting sometime.

See you next week!

   --IIT Math Club

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