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Igor Cialenco cialenco at iit.edu
Wed Jan 4 19:51:13 CST 2017

Dear All Graduate Students, 

We are approaching fast the beginning of the semester, and it is time to
register for courses. We strongly encourage you to register as soon as
possible for those courses that you plan to take. This will help us to plan
appropriately and start the semester smoothly. Additionally, please take a
closer look at the offerings, and see if you are not missing any courses
that you would like to take. I want to emphasis, that not all courses are
run every year, and some of them only once in three years. Do not miss the
opportunity! Below are the courses that we are offering this semester. The
description of the courses can be found here
http://science.iit.edu/applied-mathematics/programs/course-descriptions The
tentative plan of offerings is here

If you have any questions, please contact the instructor, or myself, and we
will be happy to guide you. 

Finally, we hope that you will take advantage of every opportunity offered
to you to learn while in graduate school. Becoming an applied mathematician
by far does not reduce to writing a thesis, but rather being an expert in a
given field and having significant knowledge in a broad spectrum of topics. 

Good luck and see you all next week. 


Best Regards, 
Igor Cialenco

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tel: 312-567-3131
Email:  <mailto:cialenco at iit.edu> cialenco at iit.edu
Web:  <http://math.iit.edu/~igor> http://math.iit.edu/~igor 


Open     29003    MATH 501-01     Applied Analysis II            

Open     29004    MATH 515-01     Ord Diff Eqtns&Dynamic Systems

Open     23498    MATH 525-01     Statistical Models and Methods

Open     28999    MATH 530-01     Applied/Computational Algebra 

Open     29005    MATH 532-01     Linear Algebra   

Open     29006    MATH 544-01     Stochastic Dynamics       

Open     29007    MATH 554-01     Discrete Applied Math II                

Open     24260    MATH 563-01     Mathematical Statistics 

Closed  29008    MATH 569-01     Statistical Learning          

Open     20610    MATH 578-01     Computational Mathematics II   

Open     29010    MATH 581-01     Finite Element Method 

Open     20611    MATH 582-01     Mathematical Finance II 

Open     20612    MATH 586-01     Ther&Prac Fixed Income Modelng            

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