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Igor Cialenco cialenco at iit.edu
Wed Dec 27 16:42:20 CST 2017

Dear all graduate students,
I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and the break. As you all know,
registering for classes is an important thing to do, and I would like to ask
you all to register as soon as possible for the classes you plan to take. 
Please note that:

a.	Some of the classes are offered only in 2-3 years, and now would be
the perfect opportunity to take them (see the plan of offerings
b.	Classes with low enrollment may be canceled prior the semester
c.	If you need a PIN for registration, let me know. If you need a
permit, please contact the instructor directly or prof. Fred Weening
<fweening at iit.edu>


Looking forward to see you all next semester!

Best Regards, 
Igor Cialenco

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tel: 312-567-3131
Email:  <mailto:cialenco at iit.edu> cialenco at iit.edu
Web:  <http://math.iit.edu/~igor> http://math.iit.edu/~igor 

Rettaliata Engineering Center
10 W. 32nd St., Room 125B
Chicago, IL 60616


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