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Dear Colleague,
this is the first announcement of the NSF-CBMS Conference on Additive
Combinatorics from a Geometric Viewpoint May 20-25, 2018

*University of South Carolina*
*Columbia, SC 29208.*

*We request that *you forward this information for eligible and potentially
interested PhD students and early-career researchers in  any field closely
related to the topic of the
workshop. In January, a second announcement will go out with a poster

Additive combinatorics is a very active area of mathematics. It is the
crossing point of number theory, harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and
combinatorics.  In this series of lectures, Dr. Jozsef Solymosi (University
of British Columbia) provides an elementary introduction to additive
combinatorics using discrete geometry, algebra, extremal combinatorics, and
a bit of algebraic geometry. He also shows how to apply these techniques in
order to attack Erdos type problems in discrete geometry. The lectures and
the monograph to be written are intended for graduate students and
researchers working on related areas, and to help those who intend to enter
the field.

Dr. Solymosi will give *10 lectures
<http://imi.cas.sc.edu/events/nsf-cbms/m1/>* on the topic of the
conference, which will be complemented by 4 one-hour lectures (by Gyula
Karolyi, Giorgis Petridis, Orit Raz, and Joshua Zahl). Problems to be
solved will be distributed and discussed. Open problem sessions will
provide opportunity for collaboration among the participants. This program
is designed for graduate students and early-career researchers. As seating
is limited, prospective participants not affiliated with the University of
South Carolina must submit an application before *January 31, 2018* at:
* http://mathprograms.org/db/programs/622
<http://mathprograms.org/db/programs/622> *

The application must include a CV with date or expected date of Ph.D., an
email address, a letter of reference, a statement of research interests, a
publication list, and a statement on how participation is expected to
enhance the applicants career.

Selection of participants will take place in the first two weeks of
February. Acceptance letters will be sent out as soon as final selections
have been made. Selection will focus on the background of the participants
in relevant areas and the expected effect of the program on their career.
In particular, we encourage young mathematicians from the Southeast and
members of underrepresented groups in the mathematical sciences to apply.
Approved applicants will be provided dorm accommodation and partial
reimbursement of other expenses.

Arrival to the conference should be scheduled for May 20, 2018. The
scientific program is scheduled for May 21-25, 2018. For more information,
see also http://imi.cas.sc.edu/events/nsf-cbms/

For the organizers:  Laszlo Szekely
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