[grads] UIC Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy

Xiaofan Li lix at iit.edu
Fri Mar 18 18:22:56 CDT 2011

Dear graduate students,
    here is an announcement of a Summer Institute at UIC.


On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Thomas Lipsmeyer <talaan at uic.edu> wrote:
> Dear Igor, Gladys, Xiaofan, and Gregory,
> My name is Thomas Lipsmeyer.  I work with Dr. George Crabtree, Dr. Moira
> Zellner, and Dr. Tom Theis at the University of Illinois at Chicago as the
> Program Coordinator for the Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy
> (SISE).   At IIT, SISE has partnered with the Wagner Institute for
> Sustainable Energy Research (WISER), working with Hamid Arastoopour and
> Peggy Murphy.
> We would like to ask your assistance in spreading the word about the Summer
> Institute to your students in mathematics.  The Summer Institute is an
> interdisciplinary program that will occur from August 7-15.  It addresses
> issues that concern students across the curriculum: policy, economics,
> health, science, engineering, environment, urban planning, business,
> entrepreneurship, etc.  Admission to the Summer Institute is highly
> competitive, with only fifty students being invited to participate.
> Enclosed for your approval and dissemination are materials related to the
> Summer Institute.  We would appreciate your sharing, in as many ways as
> possible, these materials with all potentially interested students.  You
> will find a link to our website below, flyers to be distributed
> electronically and/or physically, and an email text (feel free to modify if
> necessary). Please contact us with any concerns that you may have about
> these materials.
> Our website can be found here:
> http://sise.phy.uic.edu/
> We hope that you will assist us in launching this new program in
> sustainability and energy at UIC, and we thank you in advance for all your
> help spreading the word!
> Best regards,
> Thomas Lipsmeyer
> Program Coordinator
> Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy
> University of Illinois at Chicago
> 1-312-99(6-2141)

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