[grads] Amlan Barua's Comprehensive Exam

Xiaofan Li lix at iit.edu
Thu Mar 3 18:36:24 CST 2011

Dear all,
    Amlan's comp exam is schedule on Thurs, Mar. 10, at 9:30am in
E1-106. He will give a presentation of his proposed thesis research.
You are welcome to attend. There will be a question session for
general audience after his presentation and it's followed by the
question session from his Ph.D. committee only.
   Below is his presentation abstract.

Title: A study of diffusional growth of precipitates in presence of
elastic fields
The diffusional evolution of precipitates, in presence of elastic
fields, is an important problem in the formation of binary alloys.
There, it is desired to produce materials containing large number of
small sized particles in contrast to small number of large sized
particles. In this talk I will describe state of the art numerical and
analytical methods to gain an insight to the just mentioned problem.
Using sharp interface approach I will discuss how one can successfully
apply techniques from perturbation theory and boundary integral
methods to simulate the evolution process after the nucleation of the
precipitates. Finally I will also explore a new theory about self
similar growth of a single precipitate in presence of elastic fields.

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