[grads] Grad Dinner

Gergely Tamas Balint gbalint at iit.edu
Tue Nov 30 14:40:33 CST 2010

Hello Everyone,

 Most of you probably know or at least have met me already. I'm a new PhD student for the AMAT department.
 I have talked with many of you about having a grad dinner sometimes after all our exams are over. So far I've 
only gotten positive feedbacks.
 Right now I have to rush off to class soon so I just wanted to let everyone know of this plan. Later today I will 
fire up a spreadsheet on the possible days and send it to everyone through another email - so we can see what 
day suits most.
 My plans are to eat off-campus. In a way it would force everyone more to interact with each other. :) Please do 
tell me if that is okay with you and if you have any ideas as to where to go. So far I only know Chili's, so I can 
take some advice there.
 I'm sending this to the whole graduate mailing list, but if you know anyone who hasn't received it please inform 
them as well. I will try keeping everyone up to date, but I'm going to be extremely busy until Monday.
 After getting enough feedback I would try to get some kind of financial support, but I really can't promise 
anything there, so consider it to be out of our own pockets until further notice.

 Take care everyone,

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