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Joe Millham jmillham at iit.edu
Mon Feb 1 09:26:09 CST 2010

Dear All,
Below is the abstract for the Applied Math Speaker coming tomorrow, Feb. 2

Vasileios Maroulas
Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, University of Minnesota
4:40 pm E1 119

"Multi-object tracking via Bayesian techniques"
Tracking simultaneously a large collection of targets is a challenging
problem with great interest in several disciplines such as
engineering, biology, ecology, etc. In this talk, we address the
problem of dynamically estimating multiple objects within a Bayesian
filtering framework. Modeling a plethora of individual targets as a
set-valued state and adopting the random set theory as a unified
approach to multi-target tracking result in the propagation of a
multi-target Bayesian filtering distribution. However, the
multi-target filtering distribution is computationally expensive, and
thus it is approximated by a first
and a second moment, the probability hypothesis density (PHD) and the
cardinalized PHD respectively. Approximation schemes are implemented
using simulated data. This is a joint work with Ron Mahler.

See you then!
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