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Dear students,

There are a few non-paying internships available with a local trading company.  If you are interested in gaining this kind of experience, please contact Tony Zaccaria.  Also, let me know if you apply so that if the company contacts me, I would be able to speak about your qualifications.

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> From: Tony Zaccaria <tony at emilvanessen.com>
> Date: December 17, 2010 12:36:38 PM CST
> To: "'Fred J. Hickernell'" <hickernell at iit.edu>
> Subject: Van Essen Managed Futures Internship Positions
> Fred,
> As promised I’m forwarding you the job descriptions of the internship positions we currently have available. These particular internships are non-paying  but we do use these internships as a way to recruit potential full-time employees and we do feel that the kind of work the interns will be exposed to will be extremely valuable if they choose to pursue a trading career.
> The proposed start date is Feb 1st, 2011.
> If you have any additional question please contact me.
> Tony
> Mathematical/Computer Science Student with exposure to one or all of the following; Time Series Modeling, Stochastic Portfolio Construction, Coherent Risk Measures.
> The student will primarily use Matlab and will work on Time Series Modeling and forecasting methods. Student will work on constructing portfolios, measuring portfolio risk and performance using advanced/empirical utility functions.
> Mathematical/Computer Science Student with exposure to Mathematical Optimization, Statistical Learning, Decision Trees and Machine Learning.
> The student will work under the supervision of an operation research expert to formulate linear/nonlinear optimization models. The student will also work on supervised/unsupervised learning algorithms, ensemble methods, adaboost and other machine learning algorithms for improving market predictability.
> Financial Engineering Student with expertise in C# and/or Java.
> We are looking for a Financial Engineering student to get involved in adding a user interface to our proprietary market analysis application that EVE LLC uses internally. The student needs to understand trading terminology and be familiar with the concept of trading systems, portfolios and also have some prior hands-on experience with C#. As part of the internship the student will learn about User Interfaces and will work on developing a web based User Interface (WPF/silverlight).
> ____________________________________
> Anthony Zaccaria
> Director of Business Development
> Emil van Essen Managed Futures
> 20 W Kinzie St
> Suite 1210
> Chicago, IL 60654
> 800-258-5804 Phone
> 630-991-1925 Mobile
> Derivative transactions, including futures, are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. 
> They are intended for sophisticated investors who understand risk. 
> Past results are not indicative of future performance.

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