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Jinqiao Duan duan at iit.edu
Mon Nov 23 18:06:19 CST 2009

Hi all,

If you are looking for a topic for your Master's thesis, please look at this
this -----

*Project title:

*Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Genomic Data*

* It is full of data in biomedical and life sciences!*

*First scientific principles and possible keys for curing cancer are hiding
in genomic data sets.*

*How to discover these scientific principles and find keys for curing
diseases from genomic data? Existing mathematical methods may not be
sufficient or appropriate, given the nature and magnitude of genomic data.
New mathematical, stochastic and computational techniques are needed.*

* *

*In this Data-Driven Mathematical Modeling project, we develop stochastic
and computational tools to analyze genomic data sets for a specific cancer.
The data sets are from Professor Jialing Xiang's lab at BCPS department,
IIT. This is an interdisciplinary research project involving Professor
Jinqiao Duan (Applied Math), Professor Jialing Xiang (Biology), Bonnie
Haferkamp (Biology) and you (graduate student).*

Professor Jinqiao Duan
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL 60616, USA
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