[grads] [Sem-coll] Applied Math Colloquium Today at 4:30pm

Hemanshu Kaul kaul at math.iit.edu
Mon Jan 26 10:07:31 CST 2009

Hello all,

This is just a reminder that Larry Scott, Professor of Physics at IIT will 
be speaking today at 4:40pm in room 106, E1 Building. Refreshments will be 
served in room 112 at 4:25pm.

Monday, January 26
106, E1 Bldg.
H. Larry Scott, IIT Physics

"Modeling the Lateral Organization of Lipid Membranes of Atomistic
Simulations to Mean Field Theory"

This talk will describe computer modeling aimed at providing insights
into the existence, structure, size, and thermodynamic stability of
localized domains in multicomponent biological membranes.  Modeling
the lateral organization within a membrane is problematic due to the
relatively slow lateral diffusion rate for lipid molecules so that
microsecond or longer time scales are needed.

  Although atomistic simulations currently are not able to reach this
scale, they can provide data on the intermolecular forces and
correlations that are involved in lateral organization. These data can
be used to parameterize coarse grained models that can reach the time
scales needed for predictions of lateral organization in membranes. In
this talk, I will summarize our modeling efforts in this area of
biological physics.

I hope to see you there.

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