[grads] Applied Math Dept. Room Changes

Joe Millham jmillhamiit at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 10:35:20 CST 2009

Hello everyone,
As the new term semester begins, we are having several changes in the
works regarding our department.  One of the big changes is in the
re-assignment of rooms, and determining what these rooms are used for,
and how we will use the new rooms acquired last semester.
As anticipated, Room 112 will become the "Tea Room," and will be
available for student groups to meet, and to provide a space to gather
before colloquiums and seminars.  The department library will also
move there, moving it out of room 129.  We want to avoid a repeat of
room 129, where some students took to using the room as an unofficial
office, as the practice led to several unsightly messes left on the
tables when it was to be used for official department business, and so
the policies for the use and hours of room 112 will become public once
they are finalized.  At this point, if you are assigned a desk or an
office, please use that space instead of another room.

Room 129 will become less of a library/study room, but rather a formal
seminar room available for research groups and other small-group
meetings on a reservation basis only.  As such, we are requesting that
all students who have keys to Room 129 to turn them in by the end of
the first week of classes. As an incentive, all TAs will be required
to turn in their key to room 129 in order to collect their books for
the spring semester.  For reference, the 129 key is labeled "AA 9".

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck for the semester,

Joe Millham
Administrative Assistant
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Engineering-1 Room 208
10 W. 32rd St.
Chicago IL 60616
312.567.8984 (Phone)
312.567.3135 (Fax)

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