[grads] [Sem-coll] International Conference and Advanced School "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond", 27 July - 07 Aug 2009, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

Snejana Abarji snejana at math.iit.edu
Fri Feb 6 13:45:20 CST 2009

Dear Joe, All,

Thank you.

As a chairperson of the activity, I especially encourage graduate students 
and young researhers to attend. We expect an interesting conference and a 
school, beneficial for the experts and the youth. Online application is 
available to those who may need financial support. My soon leave from IIT 
will not affect consideration of the applications.

Best regard,


On Fri, 6 Feb 2009, Joe Millham wrote:

> All:
> Professor Snejana Abarji has helped organize the below conference, and
> would like you to know about it...
> Thank you,
> Joe
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> Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 6:58 PM
> Subject: International Conference and Advanced School "Turbulent
> Mixing and Beyond", 27 July - 07 Aug 2009, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
> To: Joe Millham <jmillhamiit at gmail.com>
> Dear Joe,
> Could you forward this information to your maiiling lists?
> THank you.
> Snejana
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> Dear Colleagues
> We are pleased to announce the Second International Conference and
> Advanced School "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond," TMB-2009.
> The TMB-2009 will be held at the International Center for Theoretical
> Physics, Trieste, Italy, on 26 July - 07 August 2009, see
>       http://www.ictp.it/~tmb (primary address at the ICTP)
>       http://flash.uchicago.edu/~tmb (mirror site in the US)
> It will be hosted by the Centre as a regular ICTP activity, see
> http://cdsagenda5.ictp.trieste.it/full_display.php?smr=0&ida=a08172.
> You, your colleagues and students are kindly invited to participate in
> this event.
> The goals of the International Conference "Turbulent Mixing and
> Beyond" are to expose the generic problem of Non-equilibrium Turbulent
> Processes to a wide scientific community, to promote the development
> of new ideas in tackling the fundamental aspects of the problem, to
> assist in application of novel approaches in a broad range of
> phenomena, where the turbulent processes occur, and to have a
> potential impact on technology (please, visit
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/about.html for more details).
> The Conference and the School will provide the opportunity to bring
> together researchers from the areas, which include but are not limited
> to fluid dynamics, plasmas, high energy density physics, astrophysics,
> material science, combustion, atmospheric and earth sciences,
> nonlinear and statistical physics, applied mathematics, probability
> and statistics, data processing and computations, optics and
> telecommunications, and to have their attention focused on the
> long-standing formidable task of non-equilibrium turbulent processes
> (see http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/themes.html for outline of
> Themes).
> The Conference and the School will feature invited lectures and
> tutorials by international experts on a wide scope of Themes of the
> TMB-2009, contributed talks and poster presentations by the
> participants, tutorials, round tables and open discussions. The
> tutorials for graduate and professional education will cover the novel
> experimental diagnostic techniques in fluids and plasmas, advanced
> theoretical and numerical methods, the modern approaches in data
> assimilation and analysis, and the state-of-the-art cyber-enabled
> methodologies for data annotation and processing (see
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/structure.html for information on the
> Structure of the Activity).
> To maintain the wide scope and the standards of quality, the
> Organizing Committee has invited leading experts to give lectures and
> tutorials representing the Themes of the TMB-2009.
> The Organizing Committee welcomes high quality contributions in a
> broad variety of the Research Topics, listed at
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/structure.html. Based on the merit and
> novelty, some of the regular submissions will be chosen as invited
> talks.
> The participants are invited to submit an abstract to tmb at ictp.it by
> March 30, 2009. The abstract format is described online at
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/abstract.html.
> Upon consideration of the contributed presentations of TMB-2009 by the
> members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Award "Turbulent
> Mixing and Beyond for Youth" will be issued to an eligible young
> scientist. The criteria of eligibility and selection are described at
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/award.html.
> The experts, interested in giving tutorials for graduate and
> professional education on the Topics of the Advanced School, are
> suggested to contact the chairperson of the activity regarding their
> lectures via email sabarzhi at ictp.it.
> The Conference presentations will be posted on-line and will be
> video-recorded using the ICTP Eya system. The Proceedings of the
> Conference will be published as a topical issue of the Physica
> Scripta. The invited lectures and tutorials of the First and Second
> International Conferences "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" will be
> published in a book. The information on Proceedings and Publications
> of TMB-2009 can be found at
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/proceed.html.
> The Conference and the School are sponsored by several agencies and
> organizations in the USA, Europe and Japan. A registration fee is not
> required for the participants of the TMB-2009. Some financial support
> will be available for graduate students and researchers, who would
> otherwise be unable to attend the Conference.
> The formal registration is required for all the participants of the
> Conference and the School, and the registration process is outlined at
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/reg.html.
> The Conference will be held at the Abdus Salam International Center
> for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. Trieste is a beautiful
> historic city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, close to Venice,
> Ljubljana, Milan, Munich, Rome, and other major cities of the Central
> Europe, see http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/links.html for details.
> For the participants of the TMB-2009, the Conference and the School
> administration can assist with inexpensive and discount travel options
> to and from Trieste, see http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/travel/main.html.
> Suitable accommodation will be available at the ICTP campus and in
> nearby hotels at special discount and group rates. The accommodation
> of all the registered participants of the TMB-2009 will be coordinated
> by the Housing Office at the ICTP, see
> http://users.ictp.it/~tmb/main/accom.html.
> For those participants, who are planning to attend the satellite
> meetings in Europe, UK, Russia or Japan shortly before or after the
> TMB-2009, the Conference Administration can also assist, upon request,
> in finding appropriate travel arrangements and extended accommodation
> in Trieste.
> The Organizing Committee hopes that the International Conference and
> the School "Turbulent Mixing and Beyond" will serve to advance
> knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the generic problem of
> non-equilibrium turbulent processes and will potentially have an
> impact on predictive modeling capabilities, physical description and,
> ultimately, control of these complex processes.
> For more information on the objectives, topics, structure, program,
> award, abstract submission, proceedings, registration, important dates
> and logistics of the TMB-2009, please, visit our web-site
> http://www.ictp.it/~tmb .
> For information on the First International Conference "Turbulent
> Mixing and Beyond," TMB - 2007, please, visit web-site
> http://www.ictp.it/~tmbw07
> Please, feel free to contact the members of the Organization Committee
> or the Activity Administration if you have any questions.
> The electronic addresses of the TMB-2009 are: tmb at ictp.it,
> smr2049 at ictp.it and tmb at flash.uchicago.edu
> With Best Warm Regards,
> The Organizing Committee of the TMB-2009
> Organizing Committee:
> * Snezhana I. Abarzhi (chairperson, University of Chicago and Illinois
>       Institute of Technology, USA)
> * Malcolm J. Andrews (Los Alamos National Laboratory and Texas A & M
>       University, USA)
> * Sergei I. Anisimov (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia)
> * Hiroshi Azechi (Institute for Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Japan)
> * Serge Gauthier (Commissariat l'Energie Atomique, France)
> * Christopher J. Keane (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
> * Robert Rosner (Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago,
>       USA)
> * Katepalli R. Sreenivasan (International Centre for Theoretical Physics,
>       Italy)
> * Alexander L. Velikovich (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
> Local Organizing Committee at the ICTP:
> * Joseph J. Niemela
> * Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
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