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> Subject: Third Midwest Statistics Research Colloquium
> Dear Colleague:
> We are pleased to inform you that the third Midwest Statistics Research
> Colloquium will take place on Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2010,
> at the University of Chicago.  The scientific committee for the meeting
> consists of Professors Sanjib Basu, Kathryn Chaloner, Peter Craigmile,
> Galin Jones, Dan Nicolae, Thomas Severini, Michael Stein, Michelle Wang,
> Zhengjun Zhang, and me.  The meeting is being sponsored by ten midwestern
> Statistics departments and the National Science Foundation.  The web page
> for the meeting is located at http://www.stat.uchicago.edu/Midwest/2010/
> The conference will feature three invited sessions, with six speakers. 
> Professors Jun Shao and Shuva Gupta will speak on statistical theory;
> Professors Chris Hans and Yuguo Chen will speak on statistical computing;
> Professors Susan Murphy and Sundez Keles will speak on applications of
> statistics.  The conference will begin at 1:30 pm on March 26, will resume
> at 9:00 am on March 27, and will end at 12:30 pm on March 27.
> Participation in the conference is free, although registration on the web
> site is required for all participants, including students.  Space is
> limited, and so attendance will be capped at 100 persons.  Online
> registration will soon be available.  Recommendations for accommodation
> are available on the conference web page.
> Students are encouraged to present their work at the conference.  On
> Friday, March 26, there will be a poster session following dinner.  The
> session will commence at 7:30 pm and will run to 9:00 pm.  In addition,
> there will be an invited session of graduate student seminars on Saturday,
> March 27.
> NSF is generously providing funds for this year's conference.  We will be
> able to provide travel support for quite a number of students.  Please
> give strong encouragement to students in your department to apply for an
> invited student talk and/or to apply to present a poster, and certainly to
> attend the colloquium.  Constraints will limit student talks to the most
> advanced doctoral students having very well-prepared material.  Space
> constraints will limit to approximately 25 the total number of accepted
> poster applications.
> A student applying to give a talk will be automatically considered as
> applying to present a poster.  Students may also apply only to present a
> poster.  No applicant will be selected to both present a talk and a
> poster.  Some of the best posters will receive a certificate and a cash
> award from the scientific committee.
> Students applying for either a talk or poster should send .pdf files
> containing a CV, a well-written abstract, and a one-page outline of
> results to Professor Peter Craigmile (pfc at stat.osu.edu) by January 15,
> 2010.
> The first two Midwestern Statistics Research Colloquia, inaugurated by
> Professors Anirban DasGupta and Michael Stein, were wonderful events,
> enjoyed by faculty and students from across the region.  Please join us in
> Chicago for what promises to be an enjoyable and lively conference.
> Sincerely,
> Steve MacEachern

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