[grads] coffemaker

Igor Cialenco igor at math.iit.edu
Tue Aug 25 12:23:51 CDT 2009

Dear all,

as  i mentioned yesterday, I have a coffeemaker which I give
for  free  (in  good  hands). Still, I prefer an espresso or
even  better a Turkish/greek style coffee, so I used it only
couple  of times. It is an original Gevalia (green). You can
take  it  and  do  whatever  you want with it - brew coffee,
transform  into  a  robot that brews coffee, rebuild into an
airplane  (small  one i guess), etc. You may pick it up from
the  entry  room  to my office, E1 234. Oh, and a pack of 97
filters are coming with it. 

Best regards,

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Department of Applied Mathematics
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Chicago, IL 60616

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