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For those of you who might be interested.

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Subject: EXCILL (Extremal Combinatorics @Illinois)

Dear Colleagues,

In case you have not heard about it, I am writing to tell you about our
forthcoming conference at U Illinois.  We will have loads of great
speakers and
hope you or your students will be able to attend.  Please forward the
information to anyone you think might be interested.  There is a
possibility of
a small amount of travel support for grad students or recent post-docs;
read on
to learn more....

EXCILL: Extremal Combinatorics at Illinois
Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

November 18-20, 2006
(Saturday to Monday before Thanksgiving)

Organizers: J. Balogh, Z. Füredi, S. Hartke, A. Kostochka, and D. B. West
website:  http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~excill/

This conference emphasizes the optimization and extremal aspects of
combinatorics.  Topics to be discussed include extremal set theory, coloring
theory for graphs and hypergraphs, Ramsey theory, cycles in graphs, discrete
geometry, and probabilistic methods in combinatorics.

The program consists of six 50-minute lectures and 22 additional 25-minute
invited talks; no contributed talks or parallel sessions.
Altgeld Hall (the conference building, housing the Mathematics Department)
will be open and available on Tuesday for attendees who wish to stay an
day for informal collaborations on open problems.

Main speakers:
B. Bollobas, J. Kahn, D.J. Kleitman, M. Simonovits, R. Thomas, W.T. Trotter.

Other invited speakers:
P. Balister,   G. Chen,       F. Chung Graham,   R. Graham,      J. Griggs,
P. Haxell,     M. Jacobson,   T. Jiang,          H. Kierstead,   A. Kündgen,
F. Lazebnik,   D. Mubayi,     A. Naor,           V. Nikiforov,   J. Pach,
O. Pikhurko,   R. Radoicic,   N. Robertson,      G. Sárko"zy,    R. Schelp,
B. Sudakov,    P. Winkler

There are no registration fees for the conference, but please tell us
if you plan to come (to aid in planning).  Email to excill at math.uiuc.edu.

Financial support is provided by the National Science Foundation, the
for Mathematics and its Applications, the University of Illinois
Department of
Mathematics, and the University of Illinois Vice Chancellor for Research.

Travel Support:  Funds are available to defray a portion of the travel
of some attending graduate students and recent PhDs.  Individuals desiring
support should send email to excill at math.uiuc.edu.
Tell us your name, institution, year of degree (expected or completed),
roughly estimated cost of travel, and a sentence or two describing why
you want to attend the conference.  Please apply by September 15.

Attendees within driving distance who can pool transportation will help the
support dollars go farther.  We hope to decide on travel awards by the end
of September.

Information on travel and lodging is available on the conference web site:

We hope to see you in Urbana-Champaign!

Best regards,
Doug West

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