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Fred J. Hickernell fred at math.iit.edu
Tue Jul 25 21:58:02 CDT 2006

Dear colleagues and students,

This is an interesting course for Applied Math Graduate and senior- 
level undergraduate students.  Several students from AM took this  
course last year.  I would encourage you to talk with those who took  
it.  There is a potential for a summer internship at Argonne for  
those who do well.


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> Subject: cs590, Fall 06
> Dear colleagues,
> Thanks for your support in the Spring.
> I had students from Math, Physics and Engineering
> who did impressive projects on the parallel computing in CS590
> (see a list of projects on
> http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/~hzhang/teach/cs590/).
> This fall, I'll be teaching cs590 again
> (I plan to teach it once a year. Chaging the course to the Fall
> would facilitate nomination of ANL summer intern in Jan.)
> Please help distributing the attached course announcement.
> Note: the course opens to the senior high-level undergraduate
>       students. To my surprise, the best course project in cs590
>       (spring 06) was done by two undergraduate students!
> Best wish,
> Hong

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